– An evening for UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe


THE LOCAL AMBASSADORS & very special guests

27th March 2019 – 7pm (Inlet 6 pm)
Pantheon Bonn

Fleeing is one of the main challenges of our time. Currently a taggering number of 68.8 million people worldwide are refugees – with alarming tendencies of xenophobic attitudes and national isolation in the wake. However, borders and fences won’t help us. As a national partner of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, we appeal to the people in Germany – both, for the wellbeing of refugees worldwide and for refugees who
seek asylum in Germany.

Build Homes not Walls – An evening for UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe (UN Refugee Aid)

Together with the festival “Over-the-Border”, UNHCR and the Willi-Eichler-Bildungswerk, we want to set an example for a more humane interaction with people who lost everything and urgently needing our support. Let us create a safe environment for refugees and better perspectives for their future. No one flees voluntarily! At the evening we highlight our “Local Ambassadors”, a wonderful musical formation. The band members are artists who found their second home in Germany and therefore combining the different cultures in their music – in a sweeping and impressive crossover. The
Local Ambassadors will perform together with various renowned international musicians. We are sure the audience will enjoy this musical dialogue.
Another highlight will be “Mrs. Greenbird”, a popular country-folk-pop-duo, presenting authentic and handmade music going straight to the heart.

In a special presentation by Chris Melzer, UNHCR spokesman in Germany, we will get a touching insight in the world’s largest refugee camp: Kutupalong in Bangladesh where more than 630.000 Rohingya people form Myanmar found refuge. His presentation will be accompanied by talks with refugees living in Germany: Aeham Ahmad, a Syrian pianist who played piano for children in the rubble of Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus and who will also perform this evening. Khadra Sufi, TV presenter, author, journalist and fashion designer, fled from the war in Somalia, is telling her own special story. With their help we want to shed light on the questions: What fate lies behind the anonymous number of millions of refugees? How could their future look like? And what each one of us can contribute to give these people a better perspective?