6th April 2019 – 7 pm
Harmonie Bonn

This night multiplies cumbia and Balkan beats to a fulminating product of meaning and joy of life. The two extraordinary bands, with their incomparable music mix, take each audience member out of the everyday life, into a colorful, unforgettable night, with social and emotional lyrics.

When Rasga Rasga step on the stage and begin to tune in to their music, it’s like a rapids ride that takes you to a colorful and sparkling place. With 16 instruments and 5 languages, their show
develops a pull that does not release the audience  until everything is experienced.


The paths for Sidi Wacho crossed for the first time in 2014 in Santiago de Chile’s colorful Yungay district. The collective currently consists of two MCs, a Chilean cumbiero, a French rapper, an accordion player, a percussionist, and a trumpet player who brings the influences of both Balkan and the shimmering desert sound of Mexico.