Quadro Nuevo & Vollgas

1st & 2nd April 2019 – 8 pm
Harmonie Bonn

On two evenings, the cult formation Quadro Nuevo
in collaboration with the music school in Fürth present
a very special project with the band called Vollgas Connected.
Vollgas Connected started as an initiative to provide
musical training to young people with disabilities.

They have been invited by the International Society for Music Education (ISME), have performed at Edinburgh, Glasgow (2016) and Salzburg (2018). Vollgas Connected have shown to the experts in concerts and workshops that diversity can be a success in music education. Inclusion no longer needs to stay just a vision.

Quadro Nuevo has been touring the countries of the world since 1996, giving over 3000 concerts: Always on the road, the instrumental quartet has developed a very special language of tone poetry. Their secret is devotion: Rarely has one experienced a music performed with so much excitement, verve and empathy. And these wonderful qualities bring together this unique and ingenious project.