7th April 2019 – 7 pm (Inlet 6 pm)
Harmonie Bonn

With the release of her first international album
“Hologram Ĭmparatorluğu” (2016), Gaye Su Akyol established
herself as one of the most convincing young
voices and most exciting sound researchers in Turkey.
In her work as a singer-songwriter, producer and an
audiovisual concept artist, she simultaneously moves
in the historical past, the hyperlinked present and the
unencrypted future.

Growing up in the cosmopolitan Istanbul, Akyol listened
to Anatolian music icon Selda Bağcan as well as Kurt Cobain, missing out on the typical Orient-Occident stereotypes.

After the first internationally acclaimed album, her
band toured throughout Europe, the Middle and Far
East, presenting audiences with a wild mix of traditional
ballads, futuristic surf and pop.