4th April 2019 – 8 pm (Inlet 7 pm)
Pantheon Theater Bonn

Aurora brings together some of the country’s greatest
talents, who created this project in the prestigious
Catalan music academy Taller de Músics. This new musical
adventure presents the best-known masterpieces
of the composer Manuel de Falla in a new, refreshing
guise. Besides the pieces by the great composer from
Cadiz, Aurora presents very exciting interpretations of
works by Lorca, Albeniz and Pedrell. Aurora is always
able to give the classics of flamenco a touch of their
own while preserving the true identity and integrity of
the original.

The singer Pere Martinez is considered one of the great new discoveries in his field while the flamenco dancer POL JIMENEZ has long been known across Spain’s borders. The intensity of Aurora is completed by the wonderful interplay of pianist Max Villavecchia, bassist Javier Garrabella and percussionist Joan Carles Mari.