29th March 2019 – 8 pm (Inlet 7 pm)
Carlswerk Victoria Köln

One of the world’s most important virtuosos in his
field is coming to his first tour of Germany and Switzerland
this March/April -„The Royal Garage Tour 2019“.
The 49-year-old virtuoso violinist Ara Malikian, a native
Lebanese with Armenian roots, has been living in
Spain for over 15 years. Since his album debut in 1995
with Vivaldi’s „Four Seasons“, he has released 24

His musical interests range from the Middle East and the traditional Jewish and Arabic sounds to those of Eastern Europe – styles such as Klezmer and Gypsi – the Argentine tango to Spanish flamenco. Ara Malikian is well known for his performances on the movie soundtracks for e.g. Pedro Almodovar. On his 25th album “The Incredible Story of Violin” Ara unites his mystical sounds with a top-class orchestra, reinterpreting the history of the violin through different cultures
and countries.